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When is a home “smart?”

In some respects, it’s hard to believe this quote actually came from the Apple taskmaster general but truer words were never spoken.

We know there are situations where humans take advantage of technology for less than honest endeavors, but the benefits of technology — when appropriately applied –bring enormous benefits. 

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools they’ll do wonderful things with them”Steve Jobs

If Jobs were alive today to evaluate the wonders of home automation he would most likely figure out a way for us to stay in bed all day and read or watch tv while our driverless car took our android robot to work. The “Android” would complete staff performance reports in the afternoon before leaving early to shop for dinner and beat the driverless traffic home.

But that’s just the beginning. When the car turns the corner on your street, the garage door opens. The Android doesn’t have to worry about fumbling for keys while carrying groceries because the wireless sensor unlocks the house door while simultaneously closing the garage door. The refrigerator opens as “Droid” rolls into the kitchen. Each grocery item is marked for specific location. The oven is preheating. Water pours into a waiting pot and soon dinner is served!

Which tasks and events above seem totally ludicrous to you? That’s where we are with technology. Everything is suddenly believable. While access to Androids and driverless cars is still a ways off for most, you should already be living in a form of a smart home. So how do we define a smart home?

Sun Home Automation is one of the leaders for home automation in central Virginia. The folks there have a standard description for homeowners trying to get comfortable with the concept of home automation.

“Most of us have living relatives who thought coffee pots and toasters were technological marvels, not to mention the television. Now you can turn your home into a movie theater and have your coffee waiting for you in the morning,” they say.

“Today items like thermostats and doorbells allow you to control activity in and around your home from literally thousands of miles away.”The folks at Sun Home recommend the easiest way to introduce yourself to the world of smart home technology is to replace devices you are already using such as thermostats, doorbells, security systems and door locks. If your home has a garage, the smart garage door is easy to adapt to as well.

We do all of the heavy lifting including providing the equipment, installing and educating,” they say. “We see our job as educating consumers in the usage, features, and benefits to their lives by converting their home to safe, secure, efficient and convenient smart homes.”

Sun Home Automation is the official home automation company for The Foss Home Team. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call Randy at Sun Home Automation at (804) 410-4786 or email him directly at


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