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Put it all together with panels and sensors from 2Gig, the #1 provider of hardware for home security and control systems. 2Gig panels provide a wide array of sensors to alert you to activity inside and outside your home. These panels also function as a the home hub with Z-wave communication to bring other systems like locks, lights and cameras under one control umbrella.

With, we can extend the functionality of these systems to the palm of your hand. Arm the system, lock the door, turn down the thermostat, . open the garage door, turn on the lights all with a single voice command to your phone or voice assistant. You can even create geo-fences that automatically perform scenes, just by leaving or coming home

2Gig Products

If you are looking for more – more functions, more sensors, more security – Sun Home Automation has solutions for you. We offer 2Gig panels and controls to combine the functionality of a monitored security system and a Z-wave home automation hub.

Do it yourself security systems provide the basics for intrusion detection, but what if you want a bigger picture of your home environment? In addition to monitored smoke detectors, door and window intrusion, and glass break detection, we can provide water and freeze sensors, stove and grill monitors that alert you and others when abnormal conditions occur in your home.

Home Security and Automation

Suppose you want to integrate your other wireless devices into a seamless control application? Our panels are compatible with many Z-wave capable devices and can show your entire home through the award winning mobile application. Lock your doors, turn on your lights, water your lawn, close your garage door.

Did we mention voice assistants? So your phone is in the family room and you are in the kitchen. Use your voice to control your home with Siri, Alexa, or Google.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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